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Enterprise Standard
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Enterprise Plus
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Basic Features
Publish apps with Tables, Galleries, charts, maps, and dashboards
Add branding, color themes, and localization
Capture rich data using forms, checklists, locations, signatures, and photos
Run apps offline with background sync
Secure app sign-in via Google, MSFT, Dropbox, Box, etc.
Manage app users individually and by domain
Sensitive data management
Send and automate email, SMS, and Push notifications
Google Workspace connectors (Sheets, Forms, Drive, Calendar, Docs)
Microsoft Excel connectors for Office 365, Dropbox, and Box
Airtable and Smartsheet connectors
Basic Authentication
Advanced Features
Barcode scanning and NFC  
Natural language features with Smart Assistant  
Change data, and webhooks from app events or on a schedule  
Run automations on a schedule  
Natural Language Smart Assistant  
Advanced Security
Manage users by roles and groups  
Security filters  
Dynamic table update modes  
On-device encryption  
Machine Learning
Optical Character Recognition    
Machine learning modeling    
Advanced Data
Cloud databases (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB)    
External services and REST API's    
Advanced Authentication
Active Directory    
OpenID Connect    
Advanced User and Data Management
App lifecycle management    
Automated error reports    
Team activity tracking    
Team Collaboration
Shared data sources    
Shared authentication sources    
Shared connectors    
Centralized billing and shared licenses    
Advanced Connectors and Services
Google AI (Doc AI)      
Governance policy enforcement      
Automated app creator reports and alerts      
AppSheet community
Help articles and documentation
Contact support via email  
Priority support